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Friday, October 2, 2009 some more

I know...I've been blogging:( Things have been busy and I haven't been feeling 100%...ahhhh now that I got he excuses out of the way:) Hope everyone is well. I have been keeping busy: entering art shows ( some rejected:( some accepted:)

My art was on Projekt 30 month of September. I felt very honored to have been chosen and know that I couldn't have done it without your votes so thanks everyone!

I also recently found out that I was chosen as a finalist at Art Scene Today's website ( for the Women and Children First Show. Mine is the picture of the little girl in the rocker ( digital art). you can also see my little children in their sleds in Somerset Life titled
Three Wishes.

My first time in Somerset Life and I am so excited about it!!!! Here is a preview on their website. It is filled with lots of great art and inspiration! ( when is it not right?)

So what else, what else....the kids like school. I was terrified my youngest wouldn't but lo and behold HE DOES!!! I am thrilled. He is also taking dance classes and my eldest karate. he also wants to join the Cub Scouts. Busy days ahead.......

Our school is doing something interesting with the kids: a word of the week. These words are from the SATS and not normally used in elementary schools. I am even teaching them to my kindergartner:) The first few were: archaic and hardy. If the children use it in a sentence they get a pass of some sort. Pretty cool huh? Only at John Hancock Demonstration School from what I hear so far.... if anyone else is doing it I'd be curious to know. I think it is a great idea! If not, suggest it to your school. Why not right? Well, that's all for now folks. Leave me comments and if any of you are interested in fanfics ( I LOVE them-you find some really great writings there!) Check out my links at the bottom of the page.

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