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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

you know you're old when....

You know you're old when:

you hear a song you grew up listening to now on an oldies station ( I did today:(

you try to figure out how to make an iphone app and all the "teachers" are thirteen year olds

Schools change the names of such things as rounding up to estimating and it confuses the heck out of you.

Classrooms focus on computer learning and you hope to God you can keep up with your kid.

The once cool dance you remember ( and now willing to teach to your younglings) would cause your child such embarrassment that they would would rather pay you off to stop doing it than put it towards the latest gadget they were saving for. ( Hasn't happened yet, but sure it will one day when I feel like causing total humiliation.)

you can't remember making plans to go out with your father for dinner one hour after making them. You even go as far as to have planned the dinner and discuss it with the kids while you are in the food store about to purchase it. ( Happened the other day.)

You can't remember anything else that makes you feel old just can't remember anything anymore.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Kushnirs Go To Washington!

Over the summer, the fam and I went to Washington DC. our goals were to see as much of the Smithsonian ( 19 museums in all) as possible. Of course not for lack of trying we got to see 2 museums and the monuments. The first museum was the Air and Space. My boys were estatic to be there.

The rooms were filled with facts from the various world wars and military gear to spaceships and astronauts. Airplanes and rocketships! A little boy's dream!

While that in itself was thrilling ( yes even for me the odd girl out), I was excited to see the American History museum. Apparently that wasn't exciting enough for my boys ( even my 6 year old history buff who simply enjoyed the Lincoln section and was done).

While these museums were interesting and after nearly 5 hours of almost straight walking, my youngest 9 who almost ALWAYS complains about walking anywhere) still wanted to take the hike to the Lincoln Memorial and the "Point" ( Washington Monument). He has an intense desire to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and Lincoln. He has read books on King Jr. and the March on Washington and can tell you more facts than I ever knew ( such as what they had for lunch that day. I am not kidding!)While my feet were killing me, we walked the next 45 minutes and saw where history was made.

On our way home we past the Korean War Memorial Wall and the eyes of the soldiers forever caught in the jungles. I wished in my heart that they were real so I could tell them they made it home to be with their loved ones. It was a touching scene and made me realize how blessed we all are even though it doesn't always feel like it. God Bless America!

Friday, September 3, 2010

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