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Friday, September 12, 2008

book almost here!!!!

I am so excited!!! Only two more weeks till my book arrives in stores!!! Now comes the tricky part of promoting it....hmmm... any ideas? Suggestions are welcomed! I am new to the world of blogging and must admit I am terrible at it but wanted to give it a try anyway. So here it goes.... about the book. Here is the cover (obviously!) Inside are various pieces of eye candy meant to inspire brides-to-be (or their creative friends for that matter:) to make gifts for others in remembrance of that once in a lifetime day! There are several projects inside ranging from gift boxes, jewelry, journals (of course!) and much much more. One of my personal faves is on the cover (the bird box with necklace made for a bridesmaid or even a maid of honor.) It is simply done yet holds an exquisite edge to it. Well...I suppose I should go into more detail but....I won't:) I am trying to sell books here right?? LOL! Thanks! Any comments welcomed. Please please give me advice on how to do this!!!!!

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