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Friday, July 31, 2009

Become a Fan on my Facebook Page and add YOUR art too!

Digital art titled Trapped

I am trying something new. I decided ( as many of you know from my constant updates:) to start a fan page on Facebook. I want to try and make this page different so it 's not all about me, me, me...but rather a way about us, us, us. I want fans to add their links whether it be to their blog or etsy shop or to advertise an upcoming class they have as well as start a fan album including their best work. This way the page will be beneficial to everyone , promoting everyone at the same time as well as making new friends and seeing what's out there. I know how difficult the art world or the world in general can be . We are all struggling, fighting and protecting ourselves and what little piece of recognition we can get. While our insecurities and jealosies may come forth at times ( I know I have them big time:) this is also a good chance to deal with it, realize we still have a lot to learn from others and share what we can do as well as taking a chance to see all the amazing beautiful art others have to show, I hope to make this fan page something we can all be proud of.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Embrace Today

I found out yesterday that I lost someone I had known half my life. She was a beautiful person not only on the outside but more importantly in her actions and deeds. She was a cancer survivor ( breast) and had the fortitude any soldier would be proud of:) She continued to push forward never looking back, always concerned with others and simply adored her family. I've known her since I was at least 14 ( but as I think about it more I think perhaps even younger closer to 11). She gave me my first colored pencil set ( Prisma colored ones-good kind:). I had those pencils for the longest time. A part of me know wishes I still did.

She always encouraged me in my art and was a brilliant artist herself. She loved the elderly and was at home with them working many years in a nursing home. When she had her first child ( who is now graduating high school) I was the one chosen to watch her, a responsibility I have always cherished and taken pride in. All three of Traci's children and her wonderful husband will need prayers and support of family and friends. I ask that even if you do not know her, keep them in your thoughts at this time. Her daughter will be walking in her mother's place for the Cancer walk in the Fall. I will keep you all posted for Wings For Traci! God bless you. We love you Traci!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Forever since I blogged!!!!

Hello! I know I haven't bugged you all in like what ? A month I think? Anyway so much happening here. As many of you know I got another book deal. This time with North Light Books! Very excited!!!! The book will be due out April 2011. Can't talk about it too much but when I am able to you will all know:)

The charity went well for Alexis. Thank you to anyone who participated. I will start another scrapbook supply drawing if anyone is interested. Let me know. Last time I didn't get too many responses.

I have loving my new imac and making tons of digital pieces. ( See a new one above titled Echoes) )The new Adobe Photoshop CS 4 is awesome! I know it will take me forever to figure out everything on it, but I love what I know so I will be happy with that so far. Speaking of digital ....I found out I have some pieces coming out in Stampington's Digital magazine this October ( I think it's October anyway). I am so honored. Love that new mag!!! I pulled a lot of them off my Facebook page because they will be published in case anyone noticed:) LOL

Anyway, trying to keep the kids busy which is hard since I am busy so it just seems like everyone is either bored or busy...too many b words here...anyway. If anyone is interested in the drawing, let me know. Leave me a comment! Thanks as always.

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