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Friday, April 29, 2011

Another wonderful trip to the White Collar set: this time with Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay!

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I was fortunate enough to visit the White Collar set again this past Thursday. It turned out to be another beautiful day ( at least while they were shooting outside!). The streets were full of hustle and bustle as well as some rather unhappy New Yorkers. I must note however that the crew worked very hard and dealt with the situations with style and grace proving that they are one of the best crew around!

My first surprise of the day was when I was hanging out with my buddy James Morrison ( talented film maker to those who saw the short I posted a few days ago:) when who comes right up to me but Tim DeKay. He looked me in the eye, hand outstretched (which I accepted of course) and said "Hi Tammy, how are you?" As I mentioned before in a previous post that I had met Tim about two weeks ago. My surprise that he remembered my name quickly passed as I asked how he was as well. Pleasant conversation followed before filming had to resume. Tim was his usual playful self keeping onlookers entertained.

I got an opportunity to see Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Hillarie Burton , Sharif Atkins, and guest star Hutch Dano from Disney's Zeke and Luther fame, film.

We stayed outside for a few hours and I took a lot of photos. Most of them were from across the street. Tim DeKay invited us in the building to watch them film rehearsals. It was an interesting process.

Yes, I was quite close to Bomer a few times for those of you wondering, but I didn't want to interrupt the filming obviously so I waited my turn. After the rehearsals were completed, James introduced us. Matt was utterly charming and sweet. He autographed my photo I had brought with me. James was telling him about the skin I had designed for the Much Love Charity auction ( which I had brought the skin that day and when it gets signed James will send me pics to post to everyone before it goes up on ebay:)

Matt posed for a picture. After it was taken, he seemed concerned with the lighting and if it would come out OK so he offered to take another. So sweet! I didn't get to talk to him much since I had to leave and they had to get back to work. I was extremely fortunate to see these wonderful men in person and hope I will again someday.

Psst. Does it mean I have an in now that Tim knows me by name? LOL

The above pictures feature: Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Hutch Dano, Joe Henderson

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beautiful artwork from Pat Shoop

Pat had sent me some images of wonderful art she created from using the projects in The Elemental Journal. I just had to share them all with you:)

Take a look and enjoy! Make sure to leave a comment for Pat.

If anyone else has any projects they have completed from the book, feel free to send me the images and I will post them here!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Film Makers to Watch: James Morrison and Stay True Darling

STAY TRUE DARLING from James Morrison on Vimeo.

I have recently met and become friends with a very talented film maker: James Morrison. I had the privilege to view his latest piece titled Stay True Darling. The story focuses on a young woman named Jane Desmond. She is searching to become the latest and greatest on the Hollywood scene fluctuating between working at a diner and auditioning for various parts.

Erin Cunningham, the star of the show, gave an amazing performance and the writing and directing keeps the viewer heavily involved in the characters and on the edge waiting to see if Jane will ever be granted her heart's desire.

I won't give the ending away, but I recommend watching the movie above and the link below to view all the accolades and sightings this film has been given.

So go ahead, watch, sigh, enjoy and know that no matter where your road may lead, always stay true.

Monday, April 18, 2011

White Collar set visit -best birthday ever!

Well Friday was my birthday and what a birthday it was. First I had the opportunity to visit the White Collar set and hang out with crew. Jim Campolongo, an amazing White Collar writer was gracious enough to put up with my insanity and spent a better part of the day speaking with both myself and my husband. The segments of the episode I was able to witness hold intrigue, mystery, adventure and romance. Yes, all that in the bits I was able to see. Can't wait to view it in its entirety:)

James Morrison, a brilliant up and coming short film maker ( whom I will be blogging about in a few days so stay tuned!) introduced me to many members of the crew as well as allowed me to listen in to the filming through my own headset. I stayed most of the time across the street but was able to take as many shots as I wanted as well as a short video clip. Then much to my absolute pleasure, James introduced me to Tim DeKay ( Peter Burke) who was filming that day with the ever lovely Tiffani Theissen. Mr. DeKay was one of the nicest men I have ever had the opportunity to meet. He took the time to speak with me and after James told him I was the one who would be sending a skin I had put together for a charity for them to autograph ( more on that later too!), he knew who I was. He asked me if I wanted him to sign it now but I hadn't had it on my person at that time.

We stood for a bit between scenes discussing Twitter and Facebook ( which Tim is guesting this week on Jeff Eastin's account so check him out!). When he heard it was my birthday, he gave me a kiss on the cheek. He autographed my photo and I got a pic with him. I can only say my birthday was complete:) I hope to have the opportunity to meet him again and the others someday soon.

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