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Friday, July 31, 2009

Become a Fan on my Facebook Page and add YOUR art too!

Digital art titled Trapped

I am trying something new. I decided ( as many of you know from my constant updates:) to start a fan page on Facebook. I want to try and make this page different so it 's not all about me, me, me...but rather a way about us, us, us. I want fans to add their links whether it be to their blog or etsy shop or to advertise an upcoming class they have as well as start a fan album including their best work. This way the page will be beneficial to everyone , promoting everyone at the same time as well as making new friends and seeing what's out there. I know how difficult the art world or the world in general can be . We are all struggling, fighting and protecting ourselves and what little piece of recognition we can get. While our insecurities and jealosies may come forth at times ( I know I have them big time:) this is also a good chance to deal with it, realize we still have a lot to learn from others and share what we can do as well as taking a chance to see all the amazing beautiful art others have to show, I hope to make this fan page something we can all be proud of.

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