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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Needing to seriously vent...GRRR!!!!

GRRR!!! I was in a bit of a jolly mood this morning until I looked out my window after hearing what I thought was the recycling truck coming by since *scoff*. One would tend to think this since they had taken my trash can with the large black letters RECYCLING written on the side and the top fo the can piled high with newspapers, only to discover that yet again, it was the TRASHMEN who had taken it. This has happened so many times and I am beyond frustrated...I AM ANGRY!!! We try very hard to recylce where I am. There are times when we have one can of trash barely filled and 2 cans yes 2 filled with recyclables. Way beyond any to fit in those itty bitty blue cans they offer. I was even told by someone who works for the Keep PA Beautiful that having the trash can labeled recycling is fine!!! Yet I am beginning to think that either people don't read it, don't care or ...wait I ran out of reasons... anyway if anyone else has this problem or knows of a way to correct it I am all ears:) Sorry for the rant. On a lighter note, last chance to enter the drawing is today!! Thanks to Jeannie, Dolores, Wendy and Carlene who have entered so far. A winner will be posted tomorrow!!!


windy angels said...

I'll just grrr! with you. how frustrating.
you are quite welcome for the give away entry. It was a pleasure to donate to such a wonderful cause.

will also note that I will let you know as soon as my etsy package arrives. Because of where I live it may take a bit longer than anticipated.

angels be with you dear

katie jean said...

Have you called your city hall? I would be kinda ticked off too!

Good luck :) And I love your blog.

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