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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fresh Artist- A Great idea for Kids!

I was so proud when just a few weeks ago, my son , Michael, was chosen to be a Fresh Artist. What is that you say? Fresh Artists is an idea that promotes philanthropy and creativity in children. When a child is chosen as a Fresh artist, they are given a chance to have their art work created and sold to corporations as a print. When the corporations purchase the art, the money received goes to buy art supplies for children in schools who can't normally afford it. Not only does it help the children but the community . It also allows the Fresh Artists to experience doing good for another. This summer , the Fresh Artist want to inspire a grassroots project to help kids sell their works and raise money to help charities on their own. I think it's a great idea! Kids will be keeping busy and doing good for the community. What do you think?


Tess said...

I love this idea. Congrats to your son. How did you find out about this concept? Is it your idea? Or is it online somewhere? I'd love to hear more about Fresh Artists.

Tess said...

I forgot to leave you my e-mail in the last post. raven1999 at cox dot net
please do tell me more about this program.

Barbara said...

Hi Tammy,
I am writing from Fresh Artists to thank you for saying such nice things about what we are doing! We are so pleased to welcome Michael into Fresh Artists. He is a talented and generous young man. Hope he had fun at our big Sprout Fest last week.
I want to clear up one small but important point. Fresh Artists does not "sell" children's art. Kids donate the use of their selected images, we photograph them and return the original to the child. THen we offer color reproductions of that artwork to people and businesses who make a DONATION to Fresh a thank-you gift. Much like you get from WHYY-TV when you send a donation to that public radio station. Their donors may choose a small gift like a golf umbrella, coffee mug or CD as a thank you for your support. Same with Fresh Artists, only we are giving our donor's their choice of a copy of a child's artwork as a thank-you! Then we purchase art supplies for severely under-resourced public schools, many art teachers have NO FUNDS for art supplies and must use their own money to buy supplies for the kids they teach. In the first 2 years Fresh Artists has given the retail value of more than $100,000 in art supplies to Philadelphia public schools. This was done because generous, talented children like your Michael lent us the use of their artwork, which raised the funds to deliver the art supplies. Your son is now a young artist-philanthropist! I hope you all will read the little book we gave him, Pablo the Philly Philanthropist, so he fully understands why he was chosen, and what his generosity can do for hundreds of other children. Thanks again for supporting us, and spread the word to businesses that they can make a donation and receive beautiful and meaningful artwork for their offices! Barbara

winnsangels said...

Thanks Tammy for telling us more about "Fresh Artists". What a neat concept. Congrats to your son.

Jill K. Berry said...

I think I would be bursting all my proudest mom buttons if one of my kids did this. Congratulations to both of you, what a tremendous program and honor.

Sorcerer said...

wow!! Thats a good concept.
In India, somehow the school doesn't give too much importance to art and drawing. I think it should be given importance could make a kid more disciplined in his thinking levels.

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