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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What to give the child who wants magic for Christmas...

It becomes almost second nature to start inquiring what presents to get for your young ones during the holidays. We play little games of "oh isn't that nice!" and see what road it takes us on. I have played that gave for 9 years now and 2 kids later. This year however I was stumped when my 6 year old writes his letter and asks me

"Mom, how do you spell the word, magic?"

Magic? For real magic? Like super powers and all? Yep, that kind of magic he assured me.
Boy was I screwed.

Magic, magic, I wracked my brains for the past month. How do I get him magic? Duh, obviously I can't unless I get named one of the Wizards in the world of Harry Potter. Then to top it all, he also asks for $2000. I laugh, dying to hear the reason for this one. I was expecting a long list of toys to come pouring out of his mouth but all he said was :

"Well, $1000 will be for charity and the rest for you and Dad for the house and other people." What charity I asked?

"All of them, " he replied.

All of them. I guess if everyone was that generous with their magic wishes there would be less charities in need that $1000 would solve all the problems.

So , now here it is , a mere few days before Christmas. What to do? He is expecting magic. Santa IS magic is all I hear. Santa can't share magic, I think .

Maybe he can't because my son already has it inside himself.


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Michelle said...

Gorgeous tale! I have a 6yo son too. They come up with some amazing stuff!

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