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Monday, February 28, 2011

Wisdom of Our Mothers- a brilliant read!

I wanted to share this with all of you. It is a new book called Wisdom of Our Mothers depicting various tales of wisdom departed unto a child and the message that they kept from each lesson. Another good point as well is this. In honor of those mothers doing their work in the most difficult of circumstances, editor Eric Bowen has pledged to donate one-half of his profits from the sale of this book to shelters for women and their children who are escaping abusive relationships.
Here is a list of the various places in which $100 each has already been donated.

KauKau Wagon
Emerge! Center (formerly "Brewster")
Peaceful Paths
Family Shelter Service
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services

Here is a bit taken from the Familia Books where you can purchase this book as well as on Amazon.


From the mother who taught her daughter to wire a lamp (“Women should not be dependent on men!”) to the mother who recruited the President to save her daughter’s life, the memories of daughters and sons of the remarkable wisdom and dedication of their mothers come to vivid life in this anthology of true stories, Wisdom of Our Mothers.

What have we learned from our mothers? How we feel about what we learned? How does it affect the way we live our lives? Hundreds of writers answered these questions in stories and poems sent to this site. Eighty-nine of their works were chosen for the anthology. Themes of dedication, joy of living, virtues, heritage, emotional, relationship, and practical skills are explored in these real-life accounts of the authors’ mothers.

Everyone has a mother, and readers will doubtlessly find stories in this anthology that relate to their own experiences. Yet the book isn’t sentimental. The mothers profiled in the stories are human. Their virtues are balanced by their flaws, and in some cases, the lessons learned from those flaws form the basis of the story.

With the authors' words writing the truth no matter how pleasant or unpleasant , but truth nonetheless in order to convey the knowledge they were taught. Many times we like to focus on the way we think things should be or should have happened in a situation. Parents in books and movies are often depicted as being wonderful and in the cases they are not, then they are monsters. While some mothers may fit that title, I do not think most mean to. We are all human and often our messages can get lost among our anger and harsh words, even if our intentions are good. So give this book a read. It might make you feel better about your own efforts at teaching your children ( we are only human) as well as inspire you to keep on improving. Either way, you will walk away with a bit more wisdom than when you first went in.

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