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Thursday, June 2, 2011

White Collar set visit May 27, 2011 with Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Willie Garson, and Sharif Atkins!

Wow! that was a lot to type and might I say a lot of stars to view as well. Another incredible set visit this past Friday while filming episode 3x08. Lots of familiar faces and many new ones. The PAs worked as diligent as ever facing a tough New York crowd. The guys braved the heat. It had to be close to 90 degrees ( as noted by the orange and tan umbrellas whose sole purpose was to protect the actors and their make-up ) .

I got a few moments to chat with Tim, Matt when I first got there. I snuck across the street, tapped Tim on the shoulder and asked him if he remembered me ( I know , bold, but he did the last time I saw him.) His face held the recognition, but he didn't remember the name at first. Once I said it, I think he did though. Matt and I shook hands as well. I asked where the best place to wait would be out of the way and Matt mentioned across the street, so I did. I snapped a few shots ( I was a lot further away than last time, but thank goodness for zoom!)

After that first part ended ( filming was outside the whole day), I followed them to the next location. I found it interesting how each visit brought about more and more people who were aware of the show as opposed to the last visits. There was a small mob watching the filming with their camera phones, calling loved ones exclaiming "Yeah I see Matt Bomer!" Nice to hear so whatever marketing is doing, keep it up!

Matt and Tim were as gracious as always, taking time to stop and chat with fans between sets and take pictures. poor fellows literally had to eat and run ( I got the opportunity to hang out literally 3 feet away from them as the day went on.) half eaten lunches and well deserved texting breaks were fleeting before the shot had to continue or a fan asked for a photo op.

I can see why they are tired by the end of the day. It made me tired just looking at them.

While I got to observe more, this set, I didn't get to take any pictures which was probably for the best. The crew was filming smack dead in the center of Park avenue at lunchtime! Creative and busy.

The third location I moved with them wasn't too far off. Low and behold I see Willie Garson scoot on by ( yes I said scoot as in a black and chrome scooter and not the electric kind:) So cool. I was pretty close to the fellows and watched them rehearse the next scene. I checked my watch at that point and while I could have stayed the whole day RL was intervening. I saw my moment again to talk to Matt and Willie ( and get Willie's auto which I was missing). They were very accommodating considering Matt was having his make-up touched and hair done . We chatted a bit about my skins and he said he liked them ( I had sent them one since they had signed a charity one for me which will be auctioned off soon! YAY!)

Willie signed my pic and I got a photo with Matt and Willie ( unfortunately Tim had already wrapped for the day. ) It was an entertaining four hours and hope I can entertain you all again from the set in the future. Thanks and enjoy!


Barbara said...

These pics are amazing! Can I post them in my italian site about White Collar? Crediting you and your blog, of course.
If you don't want, it's not a problem, I understand.
Thank you for sharing!

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