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Monday, October 20, 2008

Stop to Smell the Cream Cheese

Things have been lately. Not too much of interest. No word on the job front (my husband has been out of work for nearly 4 months.) I have been starting to feel a bit self pitying. Why shouldn't I, I tell myself? I can if I want to be right? Then you read the newspaper wiping the crumbs that had fallen from a crisp bagel with cream cheese on the page. The blatant fact that I can write that I had a bagel with cream cheese nonetheless shows that I have no right to self pity. Well maybe a little :) Still....there are those that have lost their homes due to no fault of their own (fires, disasters) or those that should have thought things more carefully (mortgage crisis). Either way, I still have my house, two beautiful kids and a dedicated husband who has every right to be more self pitying than I do but isn't. We have bagels and boxes of cream cheese to eat over the morning paper if we so choose. There is still ham and chicken for dinners and an occasional night out courtesy of my father's generosity. I have my family and friends who care to listen to my self deprication and rambles of the way I wish things could be and why they aren't that way and how slow everything is taking. I hear the radio (yes I also have all 5 senses in tact too and a radio to boot!) The song Take One Step At a Time by Jordan Sparks....reminds me to take those baby steps and in time things will happen that are suppose to when they are suppose to even if it goes against my plan (and I have a detailed plan mind you.). So leaving it out there....take one step maybe two but don't forget to stop and smell the cream cheese on that bagel on your way and be grateful that you can.

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carlene federer said...

Welcome to blogging Tammy! Your little Jake is so cute in his Spiderman hat! And congrats on your book, very exciting!!!

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