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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Playing Hooky

Yesterday was a first for me. I have never (that I can recall anyway), ever played hooky until this past Tuesday. It was a family day of hooky including an escape to the beach for the day. (yes the beach! ) For those of you on the east coast you know that while it was warm it was not necessarily beach weather but still....the kids had fun. There was a few pouts at first (Michael). Even though he got a day off from school, nothing was opened and we hoped at least something would be! When we had gone before around that time, things were, but being the economy the way it is and it being a Tuesday as opposed to a weekend, places were tightly shut. While this was discouraging even to me because I was hoping to win some more stuffed animals to add to my collection, we made the most of it. The kids went on the beach searching for shells and had first pick:) The wind whipped about us but it didn't seem to bother anyone except me. My ears began to ache mercifully until my sweet husband gave me his hooded shirt. We trekked for about an hour searching for treasures. I found the carcass of a rather large fish. Completely amazed I snapped a photo of it. I have never seen that on a beach before. Since we had gotten down there rather early, we searched for other things to do. We went to the Cumberland mall, but didn't stay long. We traveled to a few other stores in the area but didn't see much. Finally, we capped our day by going to Applebees. The food was delicious! When we finally got to that part and past the earlier pouts from our eldest, he admitted to having a rather good day. We all did in fact. An impromptu trip was what we needed to lift our spirits. Today when I took Mike to school, we had a bit of an agreement ( or so I thought) to tell the teacher we were out of town for the day. He didn't want to lie and I didn't want to teach him to so going out of town sufficed. Then the dreaded question was posed.

Where were you yesterday?



Yeah out of town worked out really well:) Still, it was fun playing hooky for the day. NOW back to work and wash....ahhhh....tomorrow and hooky are looking good again....

Recycling tip:

Since I was at the beach I figured I would share this with you all since it was the first I had heard of it. When you recycle plastic bottles and jars, remove the cap/lid first or they will not be recycled due to it being two different kinds of materials. Thanks!

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