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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Carpe Diem Weekend!

I don't think I can ever recall doing what we did this past weekend ever before. In the past, my husband and I in our dating years might do spontaneous things but never like this and never with the kids.

On Saturday, Mark had decided that he would take a mental health day from work and we went for a drive, a long drive, to see the trains in Strasburg. While we sat in the car for two hours an heard some complaining from the kids in the back, it overall was a rather enjoyable ride. We pull up to the spot where the GPS said the station would be and see that it is not quite the place we had remembered. Moaning and groaning in the back for food led us to look for a restaurant while we decided what had gone wrong. We stopped at a Friendley's with WI-FI ( very cool) and I searched on my itouch. The problem ws that the train station was indeed in Strasburg but we had gone to Stroudsburg. This was a 2 hour difference. Not good. What to do now? There wasn't too much in the area and we wanted to see the trains we decided to stay the night at a hotel. Yeah, we had no clothes, no toothbrushes nothing but ourselves...a real adventure!!!! The kids got really excited. There was a K-Mart across the street so we stopped in and got some cheap clothe and toothbrushes for the night and decided to explore the strange land we have landed at.

Apparently there was a beautiful park called Bushkill Falls with amazing waterfalls not that far away. We decided to check it out and had an amazing time. I also discovered exactly how out of shape I was when my kids were running though the trail and I was lagging far behind.

We stayed at the Best Western and I think that was one of the kids favorite parts. We headed out to the antique shops the next morning and finally the train station. Mike and Jake had loads of fun going in and out of the trains pretending to be conductors ( Mark did too:). Too many goodies and too much money was spent but indeed I wouldn't have traded this moment of carpe diem or memories for anything!


Erin M said...

That sounds fun:) I remember when we were younger my parent's would check us into the Guest Quarters hotel for an mini vacay and we'd rent movies on the tv and swim in the hotel pool... We were excessively rowdy and loud and probably disturbed all the other guests:)

HeArt Collective said...

cool! i wanna go...
good for you guys really seizing that adventurous spirit!

patkochie said...

It was a truly special weekend and something you will all remember always. Thanks so much for sharing it!

kecia said...

great story. sometimes i suppose it isn't about all the "planning" and control - but more about a adventurous attiude. they often turn out to be the best memories.


What a wonderful adventure!


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