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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Imagination Moving Along

Hello again! First of all, congrats to Crystal again for winning the contest. I will be having another one soon. IF you aren't interested, enter for a friend! There is a lot of stuff in there to go through:)

The weekend was hectic which was to be expected. My youngest turned 5 on Sunday and the day before we mourned the passing of my husband's uncle. Just the other day after doing nothing but resting from the weekend, my eldest wanted to sit outside and eat dinner. First of all mind you, the cushions from the patio furniture had been removed out of the weekend rain and sitting on uncomfortable chairs with a bit of a chill was not necessarily what I wanted to do. I tried to get him to eat inside but that didn't work so out we went. We decided to have conversation time ( which there is never enough of). He asked what I wanted to talk about and I told him I would listen and he could talk. He wanted to talk about ice cream. OK....what about it? He said that he would one day invent warm cream so that people without refrigerators could also enjoy the special treat. Great idea for those that lack electricity. I believe he could do it too. He wants to be a chemist ( as well as a gold miner and artist) when he grows up. Alhtough only 7 his mind is fascinating and he takes it all very seriously. ( He is also a huge fan of the Disney show The Imagination Movers!) Then we got on the subject of how to change something else (which unfortunately the particulars escape me at the moment) and he said " all we need to do is contact a magician..." If only things were that simple. Ah the imagination of youth.

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crystal said...

First off, I am sorry to hear of your loss. Best Wishes to you and your family.

Awww, what a sweet post about a sweet boy!! What a great idea..warm ice cream;) Love it !!
I am also very impressed with his response to How to Change..that is exactly what "magic"is.
Visualizing and sending energy to make a change in the universe..what a smart cutie!!
Hope you have a nice weekend!

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