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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Paper Doll Series The Anyones!

Hello All, I wanted to share with you a new series of paper dolls I am doing called the Anyones. It is about two children called Henry and Gretchen Eneone (pronounced Anyones) who live in a house greatly need of repairs. Their favorite place to play is in the attic. There are various creatures called Dwyers and Omis ( helper of humans). They have befriended the children. One day the brother and sister discover a portal to another world hidden among their stacks of books. They easily cross the path into the world of Rayven and meet Chal, the leader and teacher. This is the first book of their adventures. The book contains the three figures which can be removed and placed in different settings . The book has interactive features as well.(Digital collage sheets used from the wonderful Enjoy and as always love to know your thoughts

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