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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Young Artist Series Featuring Korbin!

A Facebook friend of mine Tracy and I were discussing the young artist series I have started and she informed me of her son's amazing talent of drawing magna. So I would like to present Korbin, age 15 in 8th grade! Enjoy and comment if you get a chance!

Q: When did you start drawing?
A: I have been drawing since I was very young but I really started to do it often in about 2nd grade.

Q: How did you get involved with Manga? Any shows or comics inspiration for you?

A: I became interested in Manga when I found an On Demand show by Mark Crilley (a Manga artist) where he teaches you how to draw Manga. My inspiration mostly comes from shows like Bleach, Black Cat, and Code Geass.

Q: Do you prefer black and white drawing or color?
A:I prefer black and white but seeing color in them looks better. I cannot color very well but I have my mom color in my drawings with her Copic markers.

Thanks, Korbin! Do YOU have young artist? Email me if you do. WE are looking for kids age 18 and younger.


Tracy (JTK Ink - Jedi) said...

WooHoo! Great job Korbin! I am your #1 fan!!! Love, Mom =D

Tammy, thanks for doing this awesome series! I can't wait to see other's creations!

Diana said...

Great feature :) Your blog here is lovely, well designed & eye catching.

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